Commercial Building Security Guard

1. Security Guards

Having security guards onsite is one of the best ways to keep a commercial property secure. This is especially important if your site holds valuable information or goods, and if a large volume of persons flow through the property each day. The larger the site, the more important the presence of security guards, as despite all other security efforts, large properties tend to have more vulnerable areas for intrusion. Security guards also help to provide a sense of safety in facilities where staff might feel vulnerable, as well as being able to identify staff as they enter the premises. They are also the first response team should an alarm be triggered and can be there to ensure the building and property are secure while waiting for the police or fire department to arrive. Last, but not least, security guards can also provide customer service, help with directions and information, and other matters to upgrade the professional appeal and overall status of the property.

2. Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol Security Services are an option if security guards onsite 24/7 is not an option. If you do have 24/7 security guards onsite, mobile patrol will assist with support to those guards. Mobile Patrol consists of trained security supervisors who are properly equipped to respond quickly should an alarm be triggered or an emergency situation unfold. They can then coordinate and exchange information with you in real time.

3. Parking Enforcement

Mobile Patrol services team members are licensed Municipal Law Enforcement Officers with authority to provide official municipal parking enforcement. This includes documentation and record-keeping to resolve disputes. This can help you deal with constant issues with unauthorized parking on your property which can interfere with your business from issues such as customer service parking availability to security issues posed by an unidentified vehicle. Parking enforcement services can deal with parking infraction notices, including:

  • Parking in a fire route.
  • Parking on private property without a valid permit.
  • Parking in a non-designated area on private property.
  • Parking in a designated disabled space without a valid disabled parking permit.

3. Access Control

Access Control helps to monitor and control the people visiting your property. This is extremely important for the protection of critical assets as well as your staff. Combining state of the art security systems with a security guard provides you with the perfect balance of security. It provides you with a strong capability to monitor, classify, and have a historical record of anyone entering the property. You can determine if you require a concierge or security guard to suit your needs. Access Control systems can be customized to any property, including doors and locks, fobs or key cards, programmable and user operated access control software, barriers and gates, turnstiles, and more. Both manual and automated control of the system is available.
There are many benefits to access control including:

  • Maintaining a professional and welcoming environment with a strong security presence.
  • Providing a visual deterrence that can lessen criminal activity.
  • Customizable solutions to suit your needs, whether it is a strong presence for optics or a welcoming addition to security such as a concierge.
  • Accurate maintenance of access records to protect against liability as well as to record who has entered and left the building.
  • Protection of assets by limiting access to sensitive areas based on staff clearance protocols.

4. Commercial Alarm Response Services

An alarm service provides the perfect groundwork for your security plan. It keeps your property secure and protects your staff and assets from intrusion, fire and the threat of carbon dioxide poisoning. Your system works in tandem with patrols and security guards and can notify you and your security team when an issue is detected. If you cannot afford 24/7 patrols or security guards, an alarm service will give you have peace of mind that your property is secure. It also helps deploy the appropriate emergency service in case of intrusion or the threat of fire.

5. Customized Security Systems

Whether you are managing a massive facility or a local boutique, security systems always become more effective when they are customized to meet your specific needs. Customized solutions, such as those provided by our team of certified professionals, provide you with a comprehensive assessment of security system infrastructure. This assessment then allows us to make the right recommendations for upgrades, improvements, and new installations.
Customized solutions are designed to leverage and maximize existing systems by not only improving security, but also making them more cost effective as well. We can also help you create an entirely new security system, whether you are just opening a business, have moved to a new facility or want a complete replacement.

We will identify vulnerabilities unique to your property and business and can also offer a Threat and Risk Assessment or Security Audit to ensure you have all the protection required. New alarm systems are designed to meet the needs of today’s changing industries, operations and assets from intellectual property to manufacturing inventory. It is built for your individual needs to identify vulnerable points on your property.

A thorough audit will pinpoint your physical security needs while looking for the most cost effective solutions to integrate your existing equipment. We will test performance and functionality of an existing system and when necessary we will recommend upgrades to ensure we can establish best practices.

Finding the right security for your commercial property includes many elements to ensure you have 24/7 monitoring, Mobile Response capabilities, and authorized access with the proper access controls in place. All of these elements will provide peace of mind and protect your assets, customers and staff

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