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Hotels are faced with a growing list of security concerns

Theft can be the result of actions by employees, guests, vendors, and of course, professional thieves. Security cameras can act as a deterrent, but their real value is after the fact when the police are trying to identify the perpetrator. Ideally, security measures should prevent thefts from happening in the first place.

Stealing Hotel Property.

Not long ago, hotels needed just to worry about guests pilfering towels (still a costly loss). Today, hotel rooms contain more expensive items such as flat screens and charging stations. Conference rooms contain the latest audio/visual technology. To discourage theft, bolt down TVs and chargers. Add your hotel’s name prominently on all valuable items including conference room computers and projectors. Thieves don’t want to have to remove a hotel’s name from an item if they hope to sell it. Keep an inventory of your electronics and other high-end items and perform checks regularly.

Employee Theft.

Hotels are busy, transient places. The nature of the industry—where employees can enter guest rooms, have access to storage facilities and electronic equipment and help set up and take down lavish events—is a perfect setting for unscrupulous employees. That’s why background checks before employment are critical. Continue screenings even after hiring.

Hotel Security Guards.

Your hotel security guards should patrol parking lots, lobbies, entrances and hallways. Having a hotel security guard presence helps guests feel safe and keeps bad guys away. Private guards should work closely with local police. Police appreciate private guards who help prevent property crimes and deter unruly guest behavior without depending on the police to always intervene.

Employee Training.

Train employees to always follow security protocol. They are your hotel’s front line of defense against theft and suspicious activity. Train staff for worst case scenarios.

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